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Derm News: 2006(1)

Welcome News for Patients with Acne

Welcome news for patients with acne – the price of isotretinoin has been appreciably decreased. An unexpected but welcome announcement by Hoffmann-La Roche (Canada) they have met head on the recently announced price reduction of Prempharm’s – “Clarus” the generic – isotretinoin that was introduced a year ago!
Most important Roche – the innovator of Accutane have continual to provide education and support of the product for dermatologists and patients and by so doing have achieved and maintained a very low level of unwanted pregnancies.


What does this really mean?

Before July 7th, 2006

After July 7, 2006

Accutane 10 mg $1.90 CAD cap. $1.40 CAD cap.
Accutane 40mg $3.34 CAD cap. $2.28 CAD cap.

* Prices supplied by VGH Skin Care Centre Pharmacy 108 – 835 West 10th Avenue Vancouver,
B.C. V5Z 4E8 (604) 875-4331 with prescription cost included.

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