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Derm News: 2006(14)

Tretinoin Microsphere Gel 0.1% for Photodamaged Facial Skin: A Placebo-Controlled Trial

Weiss JS, Shavin JS, Nighland M, Grossman R

Tretinoin microsphere gel (TMG) 0.1% was evaluated as a treatment of photodamaged skin. The study included a 6-month, randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled phase and an additional 6-month open-label phase during which all subjects received TMG 0.1%. Forty-five subjects with moderate to severe photodamaged facial skin applied study gel topically to the face once nightly (22 subjects received TMG 0.1% and 23 subjects received placebo). At 6 months, TMG 0.1% was found to be superior to placebo in improving overall severity of photodamage (P=.0003) and in the investigator's global assessment of clinical response (P<.0001). Statistically significant improvement relative to placebo was observed in fine wrinkling (P<.0001), mottled hyperpigmentation (P=.0002), yellowing/ sallowness (P<.0001), and lentigines (P=.0054). The improvements observed after 6 months of open-label therapy were consistent with the results observed in TMG 0.1%-treated subjects during double-blinded treatment. Most signs and symptoms of cutaneous irritation were mild throughout the treatment period. At one month, a higher proportion of subjects in the TMG 0.1% group relative to the placebo group experienced an increase in severity of cutaneous irritation. After 6 months, the difference between treatment groups was statistically significant only for peeling (P=.001) and dryness (P=.007).

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