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Derm News: 2006(20)

Techniques for Soft Tissue Augmentation: An 'A to Z'.

American Journal of Clinical Dermatology
Arnold W Klein

Topical and oral retinoids have been successfully used in antipsoriatic therapy over the last 50 years. Development of more selective agents has led to an improved efficacy and safety profile.

As society continues to seek the most opportune means to preserve youthful looks, an interest in filling substances has been reawakened. This is partly because the upper third of the face can now be successfully treated as a result of the development and recent US FDA approval of botulinum toxin (Botox). Patients seeking cosmetic improvement need no longer resort to invasive procedures that require down-time for the upper third of the face, and they are consequently seeking similar results for the lower two-thirds of the face. Filling agents have filled this void. This article discusses current techniques for soft tissue augmentation, including fat transfer and bovine collagen injections, which enable doctors to provide their patients with highly satisfactory results using minimally invasive procedures.

Included in this review are an overview of the history of soft tissue augmentation and a brief prospectus of where this field of dermatology is headed in the future. Many of the currently available fillers are listed with a description of their most popular uses, possible adverse effects, manufacturers, and countries of use. Information regarding injection techniques and results from the most recent studies help to make this paper a useful source of information for experienced and novice injectors alike.

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