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Derm News: 2007.1(2)

Melanocytic nevi clinically simulating melanoma

The Journal of Dermatology, 34(1):52-55
Eiichi MAKINO, Takafumi UCHIDA, Yoshiko MATSUSHITA, Makoto INAOKI, Wataru FUJIMOTO

Melanoma and other benign or malignant pigmented skin tumors can significantly overlap in their clinical and dermoscopical presentations. Thus, pigmented skin lesions may be misdiagnosed in a large number of cases.

An extensive review of the published work provides numerous examples of benign lesions mimicking melanoma. Although a number of melanocytic nevi may have been identified as melanomas, information about their clinical appearance is limited. In this report, we present the clinical appearances of two melanocytic nevi on the vulva and the upper extremity that were difficult to diagnose clinically. Detecting melanoma at an early stage is of the utmost importance.

However, more attention should be given to the diagnostic accuracy of benign pigmented skin lesions, which otherwise may be diagnosed and treated as melanoma.

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