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Derm News: 2007.11(9)

PsoReg - The Swedish Registry for Systemic Psoriasis Treatment - The Registry's Design and Objectives

Dermatology 2007;214(2):112-117
Marcus Schmitt-Egenolf

With the introduction of new systemic drugs for the management of psoriasis, we felt an obligation in Sweden to establish a trusted tool to monitor their use. We formed PsoReg to create a solid, long-term database in order to analyze safety and effectiveness of different systemic psoriasis treatment regimens. PsoReg will provide information to help clinicians individualize therapy on a rational basis through evaluation of effectiveness and adverse effects in specific patient subgroups. Designed and managed by specialized health care professionals, PsoReg will enroll all psoriasis patients on systemic treatment to allow a fair comparison of old versus new-generation psoriasis treatments. PsoReg will even create benchmark data for quality assurance of the medical service. A web-based design allows real-time pharmacovigilance and enables the registry to assist clinicians in their day-to-day management of psoriasis patients. In this way PsoReg can become an integrated part of tomorrow's dermatology.

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