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Derm News: 2007.13(5)

Cutaneous effects compared between higher fluence with fewer treatments and lower fluence with more treatments in a combined IR laser/radio frequency system

Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy, December 2006:8(4):177-183
Mario A. Trelles, Serge Mordon


A combined infrared (IR) laser/radio frequency (RF) system has recently been reported to create rejuvenation-related cutaneous effects, but was associated with high levels of pain and some complications. The present study was designed to evaluate the cutaneous effects of the same system with a lower fluence and more treatments.


Twenty patients were randomly assigned into two groups of 10 individuals each: Group A was treated at 50 J/cm2 / 100 J/cm3 (laser/RF), respectively, two passes, three treatment sessions 30 days apart; Group B at 30 J/cm2 / 50 J/cm3, three passes, five treatment sessions 15 days apart. Objective comparisons were made at the same time points with a computer program based on the clinical photography.


Group A noted more improvement in wrinkles than Group B at the first assessment, but both groups showed slight and progressive deterioration at the 2- and 6-month assessments. Improved skin appearance was maintained throughout in both groups. The authors recognize that the comparatively small number of subjects possibly limits the statistical power of the study.


Lower fluences and more treatment sessions with the combined 900 nm laser/RF system were complication-free, produced improvements in the overall skin condition and less pain during sessions, suggesting that this combination may produce better patient compliance. Further treatment sessions may improve the results with implications in skin rejuvenation.

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