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Derm News: 2007.14(7)

Adverse Events Associated With Nonablative Cutaneous Laser, Radiofrequency, and Light-Based Devices

Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine & Surgery, 26(1):15-21
Elizabeth Dawson, Andrea Willey and Ken Lee

Medical and esthetic indications and demand for nonablative laser and light-based treatments are increasing. Although these are generally safe procedures, laser practitioners should be aware of potential complications that may be associated with therapy. An adverse event may be defined as any undesirable effect, even if expected, that occurs with laser treatment.

These adverse events can be related to patient factors, professional errors, common side effects, and more serious complications. A variety of providers, including nondermatologists, perform laser treatments and must be aware of therapeutic outcomes as well as potential complications after laser surgery. Clinical indications for nonablative laser treatments, common side effects, and more serious adverse events will be reviewed in addition to treatment and prevention of these potential complications.

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