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Derm News: 2007.16(4)

Remodeling of the human dermis after application of salicylate silanol

Archives of Dermatological Research, 299(1):41-45
F. O. C. Herreros, M. L. Cintra, R. L. Adam, A. Machado de Moraes, Konradin Metze

Recently, a controlled double-blind study in patients with photo-aged facial skin demonstrated the beneficial role of oral intake of silanol for skin, hair and nails. The aim of our pilot study was to investigate histologic alterations in human skin after injection of silanol. Seven healthy female caucasian volunteers with a moderate degree of photoaged skin received ten sessions of weekly injections of 0.1% salicylate silanol in the left ventral lateral forearm. The histologic features of punch biopsies of the treated area and the nontreated contralateral arm were compared and the collagen and elastic fibers quantified. Texture analysis was performed on digitalized microscopic images by analyzing the Sarkar fractal dimension or amplitudes (inertia values) after Fast Fourier transformation. The treated area revealed a statistically significant increase of the density of both collagen and elastic fibers. Texture analysis showed more compact and homogenously distributed collagen fibers after silicon injection. Our results suggest that the application of silicon may stimulate the production of collagen and elastic fibers leading to remodeling of the dermal fiber architecture, which may explain the improvement of the skin surface observed in clinical studies.

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