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Derm News: 2007.16(7)

Body contouring by non-invasive transdermal focused ultrasound

Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, 39(4):315-323
J. Moreno-Moraga, T. Valero-Altés, A. Martínez Riquelme, M.I. Isarria-Marcosy, J. Royo de la Torre


The risks of currently available invasive procedures in body contouring motivate a need for safer, non-invasive technologies for improving the appearance of body silhouette. A new device has been developed that uses focused therapeutic ultrasound to reduce adipose tissue non-invasively. The aim of this study was to assess the efficacy and safety of a novel non-invasive focused ultrasound system (UltraShape Ltd, Tel Aviv, Israel) in reducing localized fat deposits to improve body contours.

Study Designs and Methods

A prospective study was conducted on 30 healthy patients. All patients underwent three treatments, at 1-month intervals, and were followed for 1 month after the last treatment. Areas treated were the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, flanks, inner knees, and breasts (males only). No other body contouring procedure was used during the study. Efficacy was determined by change in fat thickness, assessed by ultrasound measurements, and by circumference measurements. Weight change was monitored to assess whether reduction in fat thickness or circumference was dependent on or independent of weight loss. Safety was determined by clinical findings, assays of serum triglycerides, and liver ultrasound evaluation for the presence of steatosis.


All patients showed significant reduction in subcutaneous fat thickness within the treated area. The mean reduction in fat thickness after three treatments was 2.28±0.80 cm. Circumference was reduced by a mean of 3.95±1.99 cm. Weight was unchanged during the treatment and follow-up period. No adverse effects were observed.


This study shows the efficacy and safety of focused ultrasound, using the UltraShapeTM Contour I, as a non-invasive transdermal method for reducing unwanted fat deposits in the body. Multiple treatments combined with appropriate patient and treatment area selection can produce dramatic improvements in body contour. Lasers Surg. Med. 39(4): 315-323, April 2007.

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