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Derm News: 2007.28(6)

Alefacept in corticosteroid refractory graft versus host disease: Early results indicate promising activity

Journal of Dermatological Treatment, 18(1):13-18
Amir A. Toor; Patrick J. Stiff; Brian J. Nickoloff; Tulio Rodriguez; Jared L. Klein; Kenneth B. Gordon

Steroid refractory graft versus host disease (GVHD) presents a significant therapeutic challenge due to the limited efficacy and safety of second-line treatments. Three patients with extensively pretreated, refractory GVHD were treated with a targeted anti-T-cell agent, alefacept, and demonstrated rapid and clinically significant improvement in their GVHD, facilitating tapering of corticosteroids. The pathological and immunohistochemical findings of GVHD also improved, validating our clinical impression. These preliminary findings indicate that alefacept may have beneficial activity in GVHD warranting further study.

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