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A-Details: Academic Product Detailing Written By Drs. For Drs.

A-Detailing™ is an academic presentation on new and important older drugs. The content is based on clinical evidence and practical experience gathered by medical specialists affiliated with SkinCareGuide. This type of presentation has been developed in response to physicians' requests for third-party, academic-based information about drug therapies, including post-approval clinical trial evidence, side-effects, compliance issues, costs and patient management.

A-Detailing™ bridges the gap between a pharma company's communication restrictions and a physician's need for complete product information.

Click on the A-Detail Links Below To View An Online Academic Presentation:

  Aldara™ Cream, 5% (Imiquimod)
  Soriatane© (Acitretin)
  Amevive® (Alefacept)
  Dovobet® (Calcipotriol and Betamethasone Dipropionate)
  Clindoxyl® Gel (Clindamycin phosphate and benzoyl peroxide)
  Eumovate® (Clobetasone Butyrate 0.05% Cream and Ointment)
  Penlac® (Ciclopirox)
  Diane-35® (2mg cyproterone acetate and 0.035mg ethinyl estradiol)
  Cutivate® (Fluticasone propionate)
  Accutane® (Isotretinoin)
  Minocycline (Minocin®, Dynacin®, Vectrin®)
  Bactroban® (Mupirocin 2% Ointment and Cream)
  Elidel® (Pimecrolimus)

Once you have experienced the presentation, more information for these topics is available on the A-Detail Product Monographs and Fact Sheets Page.

Disclaimer: This A-Detail™ is meant to be a practical guide and does not necessarily reflect all risks, side-effects or situations associated with this product.

These presentations are for physicians only.
If you are a patient, please go to Skin Care Guide for the patient view.