Dovobet® (Calcipotriol and Betamethasone Dipropionate) - A - Detailing from Skin Therapy Letter


Dovobet® (Calcipotriol and Betamethasone Dipropionate)







  • Six international studies involving more than 6,000 patients using Dovobet to treat psoriasis have shown PASI reductions of approximately 40% after one week of treatment and 70% after four weeks.
  • Additional studies have shown that Dovobet has superior efficacy and a faster onset of action as compared to either active component (calcipotriol or betamethasone dipropionate) on its own in the same base.


  • Patients should apply Dovobet once daily for a four-week period.
  • Dovobet is a stable combination of calcipotriol and a potent corticosteroid. Calcipotriol is a proven, safe and effective treatment for psoriasis when used alone; calcipotriol affects keratinocyte differentiation. However, it has a slow onset of action. Topical corticosteroids, such as betamethasone dipropionate, are used to treat psoriasis because they inhibit the inflammatory process. Used together, the two compounds show a high success rate with fewer side effects than if used on their own.
  • Dovobet has the potency and safety profile of a class III steroid.

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