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Elidel® (Pimecrolimus)







  • Elidel is a steroid-free topical calcineurin inhibitor in cream at a concentration of 1%.
  • It was recently introduced on the market (USA: 2002. Canada: 2003)
  • Pimecrolimus selectively inhibits calcineurin phosphatase. This leads to a local decrease in the release of inflammatory cytokines and other proinflammatory mediators from T cells and mast cells.
  • Safety and efficacy has been established in a number of clinical trials on atopic dermatitis (AD) and continuous safety monitoring is ongoing by an independent board
  • There is no or minimal systemic absorption of topical Elidel
  • Evidence shows that intermittent use, to be applied BID at the very first signs of eczema (itching, redness) can reduce the number / severity of eczema flares.
  • Elidel rapidly reduces the pruritus (itch) associated with AD

There are limitations for regulators, pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical sales representatives to present clinical evidence following development of product monograph and drug approval. The product monograph is the starting point for this A-Detail™. It also contains evidence-based decision making processes, current standards of practice and clinical experience to provide a practical approach to the treatment of this condition.

Disclaimer: This A-Detail™ is meant to be a practical guide and does not necessarily reflect all risks, side-effects or situations associated with this product.

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