Eumovate® (Clobetasone Butyrate 0.05% Cream and Ointment) - A - Detailing from Skin Therapy Letter


Eumovate® (Clobetasone Butyrate 0.05% Cream and Ointment)







  • suitable for the treatment of mild-to-moderate AD.
  • unique gentle cream base with moisturizing properties.
  • best for short-term treatment of extensive dermatoses.
  • best used on the trunk and extremities.
  • safer for short-term use on thin skin; it is less effective on thicker skin.
  • should be applied 2-3 times daily according to the severity of condition.
  • should be used to bring flare-ups of eczema under control.
  • can be used intermittently long-term, e.g., weekends only, to prevent relapses.
  • should be used in combination with moisturizers.
  • can be used in combination with other drugs.

Frequency of Application:

  • Apply thinly 2-3 times per day (according to the severity of the condition) to the affected area and rub gently into the skin. Maximum adult dosage should not exceed 100 g/week.

[CPS. The Canadian Drug Reference for Health Professionals. Ottawa: Canadian Pharmaceutical Association (2003).]

General Guidelines for Eumovate® Cream vs. Ointment

Preparation Moisturizing vs. Drying/ Cosmesis Preferred Dermatoses Preferred Location for Use Potential for Irritation
Ointment – water in oil More occlusive than Eumovate® cream/very greasy feel Best for thick, lichenified or scaly dermatoses Best for thick palmar or plantar skin; avoid occluded areas Generally low
Cream – oil in water Moderate in moisturizing tendency/ Elegant Best for acute, subacute, or weeping dermatoses Good for moist skin and intertriginous areas Variable; requires preservatives

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