Penlac® (Ciclopirox) - A - Detailing from Skin Therapy Letter


Penlac® (Ciclopirox)







Ciclopirox nail lacquer (Penlac) is applied evenly by brush to the entire nail plate including the undersurface at the distal end and at the sites of onycholysis. Penlac The surrounding 5mm of paronychial tissue should also be covered but some irritation may occur.

The applications are daily and after 7 days the Penlac should be removed using isopropyl alcohol or acetone and the nails trimmed of unattached nail plate and debris.

It is imperative to advise patients not to use nail polish during the use of Penlac or for 14 days after the last application of Penlac. The metal ions in the penlac may attach to the nail pigment and the transungual delivery system may result in permanent tattooing of the nailbed.

The Penlac bottle should be securely closed to avoid inadvertent evaporation of the solvents and the bottle should be kept in the carton to protect it from light. A 6 gram bottle offers 1000 applications.

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