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Penlac® (Ciclopirox)







Ciclopiroxs' mechanism of action is fungicidal by affecting intracellular metabolic processes reducing the organisms ability to process nutrients and detoxify toxic metabolites. This complexity, in contrast to the majority of antifungals which alter sterol synthesis alone, reduces the possibility of the development of fungal resistance. Ciclopirox also shows fungicidal activity against non-growing cells which is important in nail infections where the conditions do not enhance rapid growth.

Ciclopirox inhibits all of the clinically important dermatophyte, yeast and molds at concentrations that are within a narrow range. Specifically, the dermatophytes, trichophyton and epidermophyton, and the yeasts, candida and scopulariopsis are inhibited at concentrations between 0.5 and 4 ug\ml.*

[Bohn M, Kraemer KT. J Am Acad Dermatol 43(4 Pt 2):S57-S69 (2000 Oct)]

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