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Acne Treatment: Other Types of Birth Control Pills

In addition to the oral contraceptives approved for acne treatment that were previously discussed, there are many other types of oral contraceptives on the market.

They include:

1) Progestin Only

Micronor® (norethindrone 0.35 mg) - These have a higher failure rate. They are safer in women with elevated blood pressure, or migraine or heart disease risk.

2) Combination Pills

Estrogen in the form of ethinyl estradiol (EE), and Progestins combined. The vast majority of pills used are the combination pills:


  • Tri-Cyclen® (EE 0.035mg + norgestimate – varying doses)
  • Ortho7/7/7/® (EE 0.035mg + norethindrone – varying doses)
  • Synphasic® (EE 0.035mg + norethindrone – varying doses)
  • Tri-Phasic® (EE 0.035mg + levonorgestrel – varying doses)
  • Triquilar® (EE 0.030mg + levonorgestrel – varying doses)
  • Ortho 10/11® (EE 0.035mg + norethindrone)
  • Brevicon 1/35® (EE 0.035mg + norethindrone 1.0mg)
  • Ortho-Cyclen® 1/35 (EE 0.035mg + norgestimate 0.25mg)
  • Marvelon® (EE 0.030mg + desogestrel 0.15mg)
  • Ortho-Cept® (EE 0.030mg + desogestrel 0.15mg)
  • Demulen 30® (EE 0.030mg + ethynodiol diacetate 2.0mg)
  • Min-Ovral® (EE 0.030mg + levonorgestrel 0.15mg)
  • Loestrin 1.5/30® (EE 0.030mg + norethindrone acetate 1.5mg)
  • Minestrin 1/20® (EE 0.020mg + norethindrone acetate 1.0mg)
  • Alesse® (EE 0.020mg + levonorgestrel 0.10mg)