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Understand Your Options

Understand What To Expect From Treatment:

The major goals of rosacea treatment are to:

  • Understand the condition
  • Identify and avoid the factors that cause flushing for you and that flare your rosacea
  • Control the active symptoms and signs of rosacea
  • Achieve optimum maintenance of this condition and its complications
  • Understand that this is a chronic condition

Self Help:

1) Aggravating factors - These factors can increase your core body temperature:

  • Exposure to weather - sun, cold, wind
  • Hot food, hot drinks, and alcohol
  • Exercise (you should exercise in cool surroundings and avoid dehydration)
  • Medications (you should avoid vasodilating drugs, that is, drugs that expand your blood vessels, and topical steroids)
  • Cosmetics (you should avoid greasy, drying, or perfumed products

2) Daily skin care:

  • Avoid hot water, loofahs, and rough towels
  • Avoid toners, exfoliating agents, and astringents
  • Dandruff – Rosacea frequently coexists with sebhorreic dermatitis or dandruff

3) Cosmetics:

Cosmetic cover-up:
  • Anti-redness cream, awaits fuller evaluation - Rosacure® is a silymarin extract that claims to reduce the facial redness in rosacea.

4) Patient Support Groups

Medical Treatment:

  • For mild rosacea, topical therapy is always the first choice
  • When rosacea is more severe, topical therapy must often be combined with oral treatment
  • Creams and oral antibiotics are not effective in treating the flushing of the face, or the broken blood vessels
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