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Volumes Posts by STL Volume 3 Number 6

STL Volume 3 Number 6


Update on Drugs and Drug News: Number 6 1998

Update on Drugs and Drug News: Number 6 1998

Sunscreen Controversies

We review the various controversies surrounding sunscreen use.

Nail Psoriasis: Treatment Options

Approximately 50% of patients with psoriasis have nail psoriasis but the life time chance of nail changes must be much higher. Nail changes in psoriasis include pitting, thickening, onycholysis, discoloration, oily spots, splinter hemorrhages and paronychia. Treatment of choice depends on the form the psoriasis takes.

Oral Lichen Planus: Treatment Options

Estimates of the percentage of patients with cutaneous lichen planus (LP) who also have oral LP vary from somewhere between a third and a half 1-3, to as high as 70% and even higher when the cutaneous lesions are of long duration.