Another way of looking at acne hormone therapy, is to arrange them according to the effects that the progestins that are used will have on acne. This method is not accepted by all as a worthwhile classification for acne, as the effect of estrogen may over ride the progestin effect for most of the pills.

Cyproterone acetate, found in Diane-35® seems to be an exception in that it is not affected by estrogen. It will have an influence on the oil glands in the skin, and therefore on acne. For acne, we want hormone therapy that inhibits the influence of the male type hormones (androgens/testosterone). In reality the beneficial effects of estrogen may outweigh the negative effects of the progestins that affect male hormones.

Progestins That Block Androgen Receptors In The Skin:

  • Cyproterone acetate – DIANE-35®

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