How do popular soft procedures like Botox and cosmetic fillers compare to cosmetic surgery?

Patients should assess their age, the changes associated with aging that are taking place, and their willingness to undergo the procedure, and the willingness to take on the risks and potential complications associated with the procedures.

Botox and cosmetic fillers have a good safety profile when used by a trained injector. The cost of these treatments are far lower compared to cosmetic surgery. These treatments typically require ongoing maintenance. Soft treatments are often more popular with a younger age group as the facial changes are typically more minor, and for these types of needs, Botox and dermal fillers are invaluable.

With age, these treatments often become insufficient, although they still provide some value in maintenance. A more profound correction is often needed in the older person to maintain the appearance of youth. It’s at this point when structural changes begin to occur that cosmetic should be considered.

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