What are the common misconceptions related to facial aging and cosmetic surgery?

What cosmetic procedures might be useful for a given patient? The two key principles of aging of the face are volume loss and tissue malposition. There are many elements changing simultaneously, so it’s very rare that there is an effective singular procedure that can act as a fix all solution.

Early on, perhaps in a patient’s late 20s or 30s cosmetic fillers, Botox and other soft procedures can make great improvements, but at a certain stage, when there is significant change in the shape of the face, only a cosmetic surgery can restore the normal position of the facial structural elements like the fat pads and the tissues before adding back the volume with a filler or Botox. It’s the combination of repositioning through cosmetic surgery, and restoring lost volume through fillers or Botox that optimize the final outcome.

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The Science of Facial Aging
In this video interview format series plastic surgeon Dr. Bryce Cowan answers questions related to how the face ages, and whether these changes can be prevented or reversed.