How should patients educate themselves about cosmetic surgery?

Dr. Bryce Cowan says that patients should first consider what changes that they are undergoing, so that they can understand what the surgeon is proposing to address these problems better.

Next, the patient should research the surgeon to ensure that they have the education and experience necessary. Patients should ensure that they have a good relationship and communication with the surgeon as well. Good communication and clarity goes a long way to ensuring a more satisfactory outcome. The patient should feel comfortable with their surgeon.

At the same time, skill and experience is important. The unfortunate reality is that everything will not go exceptionally well all the time. It’s important that surgeons perform when things are smooth, but it’s also important that surgeons are also able to handle the procedure well when things aren’t ideal, and complications occur. There’s a protocol for how to deal with complications and patients and surgeons should discuss these scenarios as well.

Patients should also feel comfortable seeking a second opinion or alternative, and surgeons should not feel offended by this. It’s important for patients to educate themselves more about their concerns as well as possible solutions so patients should feel empowered to learn more. Patients should be wary if a surgeon seems to be wanting to give a hard sell. Cosmetic surgery is patient focused. It’s extremely important that you be educated and comfortable with the procedure. The right time is when you want to go through with it, not when someone else wants you to.

The Science of Facial Aging
In this video interview format series plastic surgeon Dr. Bryce Cowan answers questions related to how the face ages, and whether these changes can be prevented or reversed.