STL Volume 17 Number 5

STL Volume 17 Number 5
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Update on Drugs and Drug News

Update on Drugs and Drug News: May 2012

Update on drugs, approval dates, and comments. Belimumab Adapalene (0.3% gel Differin®), Vemurafenib tablet (Zelboraf®), Wound care spray (Granulox®), as well as devices like the laser device for onychomycosis Harmony® XL are covered.

Excimer Laser Therapy for Hairline Psoriasis: A Useful Addition to the Scalp Psoriasis Treatment...

Scalp psoriasis, especially around the hairline, can cause significant impairment in quality of life due to its visibility. This articles makes a case for a combination of 308 nm excimer laser with clobetasol spray for the treatment of scalp psoriasis.
image of silk fabric and dry skin

Age-related Percutaneous Penetration Part 1: Skin Factors

Changes in the skin that occur in the elderly may put them at increased risk for altered percutaneous penetration from pharmacotherapy along with potential adverse effects. This overview discusses the current data of studies to evaluate the impact of skin factors in age-related percutaneous penetration.