STL Volume 28 Number 5

STL Volume 28 Number 5
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image of a man with hand with signs of psoriasis

Topical Roflumilast for Plaque Psoriasis

Targeting PDE4 with the selective inhibitor roflumilast, specifically through topical cream at a concentration of 0.3%, has proven to be an effective and well-tolerated strategy for treating plaque psoriasis.
photo of human skin with drops of water on it

A Practical Guide to Advanced Topical Drug Delivery Systems in Dermatology

This guide will help you navigate the benefits of recent advancements in topical drug formulations and delivery systems. These innovations address limitations seen in older formulations, ensuring efficient and uniform delivery of active ingredients to target areas, improving patient acceptability, and enhancing treatment outcomes.
an abstract image of a medical cream tube

Update on Drugs & Devices: September-October 2023

Update on Cantharidin topical solution 0.7% (Ycanth™), Ritlecitinib capsules (Litfulo™), Clascoterone cream 1% (Winlevi®), and Isotretinoin capsules micronized formulation (Absorica LD®).