What is the cost of fat grafting compared to injectable fillers?

Plastic surgeon Dr. Bryce Cowan explains that it depends on the timeline, the patient’s age, and what they are looking for. Fat grafting is initially more expensive compared to fillers, but has greater longevity by a wide margin. Patients should consider the long-term as well as the short-term when deciding the costs of procedure.

With cosmetic procedures, the patient covers 100% of the cost of the procedure is an important question. The cost of fat grafting is directly related to the amount of area that is involved. A fat grafting procedure that treats the cheeks may start at a few thousand dollars, if no other procedures are involved. These costs will vary depending on other factors like the location, the surgeon’s experience and credentials, and the local market for these types of procedures. One important thing to remember is that although the initial cost of fat grafting is relatively high, they are long lasting changes compared to, say, an injectable filler which may last 9 months typically. Relative cost over time is an important consideration as larger volume loss with age calls for larger doses of fillers.

A Comprehensive Guide to FAT GRAFTING
Fat grafting is a popular and effective cosmetic procedure. It is the transplantation of fat cells from one location of the body to another. In this video series, we interview renown plastic surgeon from Vancouver, Canada, Dr. Bryce Cowan.