Dr. Bryce Cowan explains what the patient should expect after a fat grafting treatment in terms of results, as well as the side-effects that patients can expect following the procedure.

Patients should expect some swelling and bruising at the surgical sites for a could of days following the procedure. After this subsides, the patient should notice a volume increase at the surgical site. This will be monitored for several months to ensure that the grafted fat survives, and is not reabsorbed, which sometimes happen. In this case, a retreatment may be necessary. Once successful, however, the fat grafts are very long-lasting, far outlasting any synthetic filler that is currently available.

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A Comprehensive Guide to FAT GRAFTING
Fat grafting is a popular and effective cosmetic procedure. It is the transplantation of fat cells from one location of the body to another. In this video series, we interview renown plastic surgeon from Vancouver, Canada, Dr. Bryce Cowan.