Dr. Bryce Cowan explains how long fat grafts last in typical scenarios. The longevity of the grafted cells are one of the key selling points of this procedure.

Typically grafted fats are long lasting. A successful graft often last a decade or longer. In theory, the fats last indefinitely, however, like naturally existing fats, the grafted fat will still be resorbed over time, as this is part of the aging process. The aging process is ongoing and constant so while procedures like fat grafting can rejuvenate the face in significant long lasting ways, it will not stop the aging process itself. In terms of longevity, fat grafting offers great results.

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A Comprehensive Guide to FAT GRAFTING
Fat grafting is a popular and effective cosmetic procedure. It is the transplantation of fat cells from one location of the body to another. In this video series, we interview renown plastic surgeon from Vancouver, Canada, Dr. Bryce Cowan.