Plastic surgery is a serious undertaking, and requires a lot of trust in the performing surgeon. In this video we asked plastic surgeon Dr. Bryce Cowan what patients should be looking for when choosing a plastic surgeon or a clinic.

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is critically important. Specific experience is important, and you should be looking out for this. Fat grafting can techniques can vary depending on whether it is cosmetic or medical, and also on the location of the graft. Grafting for breast procedures, for example differ from fat grafting for revolumizing the face, so ask your surgeon about their specific experiences with the procedure that you are looking for. There are many specializations with this procedure, so it’s important that you discuss the specifics with your surgeon.

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Recovery Time After Fat Grafting Procedure

A Comprehensive Guide to FAT GRAFTING
Fat grafting is a popular and effective cosmetic procedure. It is the transplantation of fat cells from one location of the body to another. In this video series, we interview renown plastic surgeon from Vancouver, Canada, Dr. Bryce Cowan.