• Alefacept is a well tolerated drug with a very impressive safety profile.
  • It has a convenient and flexible method of administration (IM)
  • Patient self-administration is possible (nurse administration available)
  • Patient expectations must be set appropriately:
    • The onset of response occurs on average at 8 weeks; maximal response, for one course, occurring at 20 weeks (8 weeks after the last dose)
    • Completing 2 courses of therapy has shown remittive effects lasting >12 months
  • Clinical experience combining Alefacept with UV therapy, oral retinoids, methotrexate and cyclosporin has been well tolerated

Amevive Care Program

The program offers:

  • Help in determining and acquiring reimbursement
  • A personal nurse coordinator to help guide patient expectations
  • In-office, self-administration or Amevive nurse administration available
  • A toll-free hotline available 7 days a week (1-877-AMEVIVE or 1-877-263-8483) staffed by specially trained nurses
  • An Amevive patient starter kit
  • Home delivery if needed