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A review of this list of agents that are presently undergoing clinical trial, should dispel any idea that psoriasis is not considered a major therapeutic priority. Although only a few of the drugs on this list will gain regulatory approval, what is exciting is the likelihood that some new agents will be approved and will radically alter the way we treat psoriasis.

Monoclonal antibody products
Abgenix Inc.
Monoclonal antibody which targets IL-8 for the treatment of moderate to severe psoriasis. Multicentre trial.
Aeterna Laboratories Inc.
This is an angiogenesis inhibitor. Phase II trials are scheduled for 1999.
Allergan Specialty Therapeutics Inc.
A topical retinoic acid receptor antagonist for the treatment of psoriasis. Undergoing Phase I clinical trials.
Axys Pharmaceuticals Inc.
A tryptase inhibitor, in topical cream formation for the treatment of mild to moderate psoriasis. Phase I trial.
CTLA4-lg Antibodies
BMS 188667
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
A fusion protein to be used in the treatment of psoriasis and autoimmune disorders. Ready to market.
Hu 1124
Xoma Ltd.
A humanized monoclonal antibody for treatment of moderate to severe psoriasis. Undergoing clinical trials.
Icos Corp.
This anti-psoriasis agent blocks the ICAM-3 receptor on T-cells and antigen-presenting cells. Undergoing clinical trials.
IR-502, T-cell receptor (TCR)
peptide therapeutic psoriasis vaccine
Hoffmann-La Roche
An immunomodulator for treatment of patients with moderate to severe psoriasis. Undergoing clinical trials.
Biogen Inc.
This is a immunosuppresive agent for psoriasis treatment. Phase III trial will be getting underway in late 1999.
Mometasone furoate 0.1%
and salicylic. acid 5%

Schering-Plough Corp.
This combination awaiting regulatory approval for the treatment of chronic, moderate to severe psoriasis.
Mycophenalate Mofetil
Cell Cept®
Hoffmann-La Roche
This agent was recently approved in Europe as an immunosuppressant to be used in combination with Cyclosporin (Neoral) or as monotherapy in transplant procedures. Clinical trials for psoriasis are being considered.
Schering-Plough Corp. and Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
A vitamin D3 analog for topical treatment of psoriasis. Undergoing phase III clinical trials in Europe.
Paclitaxel gel
Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Inc.
An anti-neoplastic, in topical gel formulation. It appears to inhibit normal skin growth while being non-toxic to healthy cells. It inhibits inflammatory cell response and angeogenesis. For the treatment of mild to moderate psoriasis. Phase II trial.
Porfimer sodium
Photofrin® Benzoporphyrin®
QLT PhotoTherapeutics Inc.
This product is for patients with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Phase II studies to take place in 1999.
SU 5271
A potent and selective small molecule transduction inhibitor of epidermal growth factor receptor for the treatment of psoriasis. Clinical trials are continuing.
Teijin and Hermal, E. Merck
This product is for the treatment of psoriasis. Undergoing clinical trials.
Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
An inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase (IMPDH) inhibitor for treatment of severe plaque psoriasis and other chronic autoimmune diseases. Undergoing clinical trials.