Dr. Bryce Cowan explains common scenarios where a doctor might not recommend Mohs Micrographic surgery, and might opt for another treatment modality instead.

This depends on the type of cancer that is being treated. Cancers that grow in a discontiguous or unconnected way like melanoma are often not ideal scenarios for treating with mohs surgery. In those cases, a wide local excision will probably provide the highest cure rate. If the cancer site is small, or if there are other tissues to be removed, a surgeon may opt for a traditional surgery as well. Often doctors that recommend other modalities like electrodessication and curettage know that for that cancer, the cure rate is very high, and cancer is visible in its entirety. These treatments are easier if the cancer is in an area with excess tissue like the neck and the cheek.

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In this video series one of Canada's leading Mohs surgeons, Dr. Bryce Cowan explains the Mohs surgery procedure, expectation, and the facts and myths surrounding this advanced treatment procedure for removing skin cancer.