Treatment will depend in part on the location, the age of the patient, as well as the size and immune status of the individual. The treatment choice will depend in part on previous experience of the patient and the patient’s preference. Many of the treatments can be uncomfortable and therefore difficult to use in children.

Treatments can be either destructive as in the use of liquid nitrogen or most recently there is an immunological approach to boost the patient’s own immune system.

Common Warts

Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy is most commonly used in those who can tolerate the pain. Repeat treatments are frequently required. Excising or scraping off these warts is less desirable as it will scar. The use of pulse dye laser or very occasionally the Co2 laser can be used in resistant lesions. Cantharone can be used particularly in children as it is more easily tolerated. Other treatments involve the use of immune therapy. Substances such as DNCB involve painting the substance on the warts in order to develop an allergic reaction. This immune allergic reaction will be useful for destroying the wart.

Flat Warts

Flat warts frequently occur on the face and on the legs. Care needs to be taken not to use a treatment that will have a high risk of scarring. Very light liquid nitrogen cryotherapy can be used.

It is important that shaving is done very carefully or is stopped for a while as this is known to spread these warts. Treatments such as Aldara have been used. Topical treatments such as vitamin A acids (Tretinoin) can sometimes be of benefit. Efudex cream has also been used.

Plantar Warts

Plantar warts can be stubborn. Because of their location aggressive use of liquid nitrogen cryotherapy is difficult in that it can not only be painful but swelling and soreness can prevent walking for a number of days. Often paring the warts by thinning them down can be helpful. The use of salicylic acid preparations that are applied daily and cover the affected area will eat away at the surface of the wart allowing it to be pared down. This may make it more responsive to liquid nitrogen. The use of duct tape to soften the lesions in some individuals can be in itself curative. It appears that changing the water content and making the skin mushy enhances the patient’s ability to eradicate these warts. Treatments such as surgery and scraping of these warts is discouraged as scars can sometimes be painful on the weight-bearing parts of the foot. The pulse dye laser can be used once the wart has been thinned as it does not produce scarring. Occlusion combining these therapies with Aldara cream in some individuals is helpful.

Genital Warts

Genital warts are usually sexually transmitted. It is important that woman be checked to rule out any atypical changes on the cervix. Small warts can be treated with liquid nitrogen although this is uncomfortable. Podophyllin or podophyllotoxin can be applied every few days and this can be helpful.